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A Mini Fountain by Ryan Oosting


Cube fountain sketch_edited.jpg


This was one of my original sketches of my fountain which was based on my vision of creating a “floating” cube fountain. I came across many different designs during my research phase but I liked the “floating” cube concept the most.

Foam Core Model_edited_edited.png


The first foam prototype was a turning point for my project because I realized I needed to scale my project down even more to fit within the budget. I also knew I needed to alter my design to streamline the building process considering there was not much time to complete the project.

fountain render transparent background.png


This CAD model represents the updated fountain design that scrapped the idea for a neck under the central cube and instead converted the cube into a rectangular prism. The new design solved quite a few problems I was struggling with such as how I was going to weld the neck in time, link the cube to the neck, and how I would make the entire fountain easy to repair instead of completely welded together and difficult to repair.

new fountain hero transparent_edited_edited.png


After two weeks of welding, I finally had a complete skeleton for the fountain. I primed the steel to ensure it would not rust and then I added faux rocks and plants to tweak the aesthetic to be more outdoorsy than industrial. Considering the budget and time we had to complete the project, I am very proud of how it turned out.

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